"Coach" is a role that, like Mentor, runs parallel to our grading system. Coaches assist the Mentors in running sessions and their knowledge is a great resource for anyone in the club.

Miles Flory (OSS Coach)

Miles came to the OSS following a long period of reenactment fighting (which he is still keenly involved with). As such, his experience with fighting in a historical context is vast.

A consummate swordsman, Miles sets an excellent example to others by practising daily and his performance in sparring sessions are excellent demonstrations of historical techniques being used in context.

As well as his studies on the Longsword and Quarterstaff, Miles has also branched out and is currently studying Leckuchner's treatise on Messer fighting


Likes: Extremely hefty bows, Knives which definitely aren't swords.

Dislikes: Cheap helmets, Cheap tricks.

Assistant Coach

Robin was one of the earliest attendees of the Oxford Sword and Staff, being counted amongst the first 5 members. He has since applied himself diligently to his studies and is currently in training to become one of the club Coaches.

Robin is a keen tournament competitor and has won a number of medals over the last couple of years in both Longsword and Sidesword.

Robin also doesn't have a picture. Which is a shame as he's very handsome.

Likes: Pretty much everything really, shiny shiny medals.
Dislikes: Sweeping the leg.