The Oxford Sword and Staff Council

The OSS is currently run by an elected council of four. Alongside ensuring the club runs smoothly, these individuals will also commonly guide sessions as "Mentors".

Hugo Day (OSS SAA)
Robin Hersom (OSS Vice-President)
Njall Prince (OSS President)
Joseph Kennerley (OSS Coach)
Vice-President, Co-Founder

Robin has been studying HEMA since 2014. He served as the clubs Vice-President from its inception and then moved to be its President in Autumn 2019. Robin stepped down as President in 2021 and moved to his current role as VP.

An ex-student of Schola Gladiatoria, Robin moved to Oxford and was keen to help expand the local HEMA scene. WIth him, Robin brings a mixed background to the OSS, previously studying Italian Longsword, British Napoleonic Sabre and modern martial arts such as Ju Jitsu and Kickboxing.

Robin runs sessions on the longsword, dagger, wrestling and rapier.

Likes: Long Sharp Things, Craft Ales, Moustache Cultivation and Doggos.

Dislikes: Blunt Things, Internet Arguments.


Hugo has been involved with the OSS since its earliest days and was quick to volunteer for an available seat on the council. He was the first club Sgt-at-Arms and has held the position of Vice-President since Autumn 2019. Hugo then moved into his current role as President in 2022.

Hugo is a lifelong student of martial arts and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table when we are interpreting the systems we study. His knowledge of bio-mechanics is particularly useful when it comes to the more...bizarre techniques.

Hugo delivers sessions on the longsword and dussack and is also working to introduce more wrestling to club sessions.

Likes: Curved Sharp Things, Producing Moonshine and Wielding Daggers like a Maniac.

Dislikes: Long Range Weaponry, Flimsy Feders. 


Formerly of the Vanguard Swordsmanship Academy, Australia, Joe has been with the OSS since 2017 and  quickly worked his way up to the role of Coach. In Autumn 2019, Joe volunteered to help out with the administration of the club and was installed as it's first Master-of-Arms.

As Master-of-Arms, Joe, is responsible for overseeing gear safety checks and will work closely with members of the club who are preparing with their prizings.

Joe is a seasoned tournament fighter with both longsword and rapier with companion weapons, competing in a number of competitions both in the UK and Australia.

Likes: Good body mechanics, solid gear and a cheeky stubby.

Dislikes: Lazy footwork, bad posture, A Booting.

Acting Secretary, Co-Founder

Njall started out in HEMA by purchasing a synthetic longsword, a mask, gloves and a copy of "The German Longsword Study Guide". He then realised he might actually need other people to get involved at some point, met Robin Hersom in a pub in Oxford and the rest is history.

Njall became the first club President and held that office for 3 years before stepping down due to moving out of the area. After holding the (mostly ceremonial) title of "Herald" for a year or so, Njall was able to start attending the club more frequently and took over the role of Secretary after the previous incumbent hung his sword over the fireplace in order to spend more time at home with his dogs.

As a club Mentor, Njall specialises in the use of the Quarterstaff and now pursues a study of wider German martial arts of the 16th and early 17th centuries. He has also started studying English martial arts from the Elizabethan and Jacobean periods.

Likes: Big sticks, obscure treatises, sweet bountiful ale, having a brawl.

Dislikes: Small sticks, Fiore.